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Race Across The Pacific

Member Gregory Vlasek trained to compete in the arduous and exciting 2016 Great Pacific Race –a 2,400-mile rowing endurance challenge from Monterey California to Honolulu Hawaii. Greg and three teammates muscled their way across the Pacific Ocean without the help of a sail or engine of any sort, finishing what is known as the “world’s leading human endurance challenge”.

Bike Across The Nation

A 3,000-mile Bicycle Adventure is no easy feat…especially when the last of the three legs is 75 days on Historic Route 66 from California to Chicago. But once you factor in that this solo bicycle trek was accomplished by a determined 85 year old, it becomes even more remarkable.

Athletic Classes

With the goal of creating communities around organized adult sports,
you will begin to see our Group-X classes intermingled with newly formed
Athletic Classes as part of your Membership offering.