For more than 60 years, Arden Hills has remained dedicated and committed to nurturing, training and developing athletic champions. Hundreds of athletes of every kind have achieved such an astounding level of success as a result of their dedication (and the innovative training methods and facilities at Arden Hills) that it would seem beyond belief if it were not a documented fact.

All swimmers who enter in at the recreational level can, if they choose, graduate through a series of increasingly rewarding and intensifying programs gradually exchanging fun and camaraderie for dedication and results. Between Swim School, Otters, US Swimming and Master’s Swim Arden Hills has always been and will continue be the innovators that redefine what it means to BECOME a champion in the world of swimming.


The Arden Hills Swim School was developed to equip a student with all the skills necessary to achieve their goals. Whether looking to become water safe, a stronger swimmer or join the Otters, we are able to place your child in the best possible position to succeed. We begin our skills with basic survival skills including floating, breath control, entering/exiting water and more.


The Arden Hills Otters is our summer recreational team that runs from April-July. With over 200+ swimmers, the Otters success is built on the basis of a love for water. With FUN as the #1 goal of the team, swimmers are able to gain valuable skills and build lifelong relationships. One of the main draws of being a member of the Arden Hills Otters is being a part of the positive, encouraging team environment. Our team thrives on being a TEAM, one that supports and helps all members. But, not only do Otters have fun all summer, they also race fast! The Otters are one of the premiere rec teams in Sacramento and offer unparalleled instruction and a top-notch facility.


Arden Hills Swimming offers a progressive age group program designed to develop each swimmer physically and psychologically. Improving technique is the main priority and as the swimmer matures, more emphasis is placed on training concepts.


For over 60+ years Arden Hills has raised swimming champions. Whether you’re scared of the water or a dominating force in the pool, Arden Hills can provide the means to take you to another level. Contact us today to get started!

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