Adan Romo

Adan has been a fun-loving member of ours since 2013. Born and raised in Sacramento, he has always loved the sense of community found at Arden Hills!

Adan received his BA in Art History with a minor in Italian from UC Berkeley. After graduation, he received the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome for a year and apprentice in a studio in Tuscany for six months (where he even learned how to carve marble!). Since then, Adan has fallen in love with the Italian pace of life and the way art infuses their culture; from making a cappuccino to the great art in the streets and churches. He even leads groups there every summer to share his deep appreciation for Italy and to return yearly to his ‘second home’!

He currently runs and co-owns (with his father, how cool!) Romo Studios LLC – a public art firm working at the intersection of design, community, and art. They work in partnership with communities, public agencies, and private developers to design and build site-specific art. He also works at St. Francis High School as a teacher and artist! The school has commissioned him to design and create the large sculptures, fountains, and gardens that exist around campus.

Adan and his family love to cook! They specifically designed a large kitchen for their home where they can cook for family and friends. One of their favorite dishes, that is easy to cook and that their two young children love, is pasta carbonara. On the weekends, Adan and his family love to take long bike rides around midtown Sac and stop at the farmer’s market, take walks by the river, or come swim here at the Club!

When asked about wellness, Adan believes that in order to live a long and happy life, we need to made sure we attend to our physical, spiritual, and mental health. “Being active throughout the year at Arden Hills help my family and I ensure that we are living to our fullest physical potential.” You can catch Adan consistently working out with one of our Performance Coaches as he believes that they push him to levels of intensity he couldn’t do by himself. His wife, children, and career keep him busy and fit; he works hard with our Performance Coaches to stay strong enough in his studio when he works with heavy materials and also to keep up with his kids! You got this, Adan!



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