Amazing Members: Jason, Rebecca, and Samantha

Meet our Amazing Members Jason, Rebecca, and Samantha! Jason, Rebecca, and Samantha are originally from the Bay Area and moved from the Campbell/Los Gatos area in 2005 to be closer to family and escape some of the Bay Area noise and traffic.

Jason says that their favorite part of being Members is the diversity of activities, from a social and workspace, to a full-service athletic facility for all ages. Arden Hills has provided their family with proximity to a state-of-the-art athletic facility, allowing them to stay consistent in their exercise and wellness regimen and the amazing staff always makes their visits enjoyable and gives Arden Hills its character. They describe Arden Hills as an,

“amazing facility with something for everybody, whether you want to work toward your personal fitness goals, socialize over a great meal or drink, or pamper yourself in the spa”.

In their spare time, you will find Jason and Rebecca attending Samantha’s soccer and basketball tournaments and spending time with family and friends.

We are so appreciative of Jason, Rebecca, and Samantha’s love of Arden Hills. Thank you for being such Amazing Members!

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