The Kesmodel Family

Lana, Mike, Nicholas and Mia make up one amazing family! They believe that seeking wellness spiritually, emotionally, and physically lead to a well-balanced life. “When you have built that foundation, it makes it easier to go through this journey called life!’ says Lana.

Mike was born and raised in Sacramento and Lana grew up in Curitiba-Brasil and moved to the United States in 2002. Joining Arden Hills in 2003, they’ve been introduced to people that are now their life-long friends. Mike enjoys hanging out in the Members Lounge or at the Courtside Bar with his friends and Lana thrives off of the results she receives from our GroupX classes! As well-rounded Members of our Club, Nicholas and Mia are always participating in Kids & Tweens Movie Night, camps, and the whole family loves our holiday brunches! They would also like to spotlight Kids Korner; “We’ve been utilizing Kids Korner for the last four years and love the staff. They are always welcoming and have such a caring way of working with children.”

When this family isn’t at Arden Hills, you can catch at church, going on a walk or paddle boarding! When they’re at home, Mike loves to grill in the summer or enjoy some Brazilian food that Lana makes while they entertain family and friends.

Thank you for being such amazing Members, Kesmodel’s!


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