The Kolber Family

Congratulations to the Kolber family; they just hit their one year anniversary as Members! The family of six state that the best part of being apart of the Arden Hills community is having access to everything they desire outside of their home – ranging from the Spa and Salon to the Performance Center, tennis courts, swimming pools and healthy food options – all in one place. Parents Greg and Ruth also praise Kids Korner for taking care of their four young children while they take care of themselves!

Greg and Ruth both attended San Jose University and moved to Sacramento once Greg completed his endodontic residency with UCLA. Being avid outdoor lovers, they love that Sacramento gives them easy access to Lake Tahoe. One of their goals as a family is to visit as many National Parks as possible.

The Kolber family believes that wellness (being centered mind, body, and spirit) provides them the opportunity to bless and encourage others around them. They love to participate in cycle classes at the Club, but when they’re not cycling, they like to participate in a variety of GroupX classes and vamp up their weight routines.

When the Kolber’s aren’t at Arden Hills, you can find them camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, or participating in cycle races. Greg and Ruth are actually participating in the Sierra 69-mile Century Challenge this month! Good luck!
Words to live by according to the Kolber’s? Dr. Seuss’s famous words “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  

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