Amazing Members: The Silverthorns

Meet our Amazing Members, Jim and Jamie Silverthorn!

Jamie and Jim Silverthorn both moved to Sacramento in 2000 to work at UC Davis; Jim is a Neurosurgeon and Jamie worked as a Nurse but is currently staying at home with their kids. Naturally, exercise is very central to their lifestyle and family activities. Jim focuses on cardio and strength training, while Jamie loves to utilize the Arden Hills Group X classes to change up her fitness routine. Jamie comments, ” Arden Hills has made it easy because it is so close to our house.”

Jamie goes on to describe Arden Hills as a fun family atmosphere and says that it is, “convenient for the adults to hang out while the kids all play together”. Summers are the most enjoyable for the Silverthorns because they are able to spend time with friends and family out by the pool. They love to travel and one of their many favorite places to visit is Mexico. Being outdoors and spending time with family is a keen interest for them. One of their favorite parts of Arden Hills is the friendships made, so many of their friends are Members!

We love that the Silverthorn’s enjoy Arden Hills as much as we do. Thank you for being such Amazing Members!

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