The Spradlin Family

The Spradlin family are amazing new members of Arden Hills!

Kirsten Fischer is from a town called Danville in the East Bay Area and moved to Sacramento after meeting her husband, David, from Granite Bay. She attended UCSB for undergraduate school and majored in Communications and Marketing. After, she attended graduate school at the Art Institute for Interior Design and Architecture. Kirsten spent many years in the building industry designing model homes and currently owns her own company in residential design, called Chosen Interiors. David attended a trade school for roofing and has been in the industry for countless years since. Currently, David is in commercial real estate and owns a security company.

Kirsten and David just had a baby girl, Audrey Elizabeth, who was born prematurely at 24 weeks and has been growing strong the past 3.5 months! They are very hopeful that she will be coming home soon. Kirsten and David love Arden Hills, especially in the summer. They both enjoy weight training, cardio, and swimming laps in the pool. Arden Hills covers their fitness goals as well as providing a social outlet for their family. With two teens, a newborn baby, and being new to the area themselves, Kirsten and David are hopeful they will meet some friends this coming summer.

Kirsten’s favorite part of being a Member is the spa, the readily available salon, and that the childcare workers are all CPR certified and studying in the field of “children” in one form or another. Kirsten stated, “That was key for me knowing we were trying to have a baby when I toured with Cristina, as a new mom I am sure I will need those aspects in just a short time”. Kirsten & David’s experience at Arden Hills has been great for them and their family so far! They are excited to bring their new baby Audrey when she is able.

Thank you for being such Amazing Members!

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