Amazing Members: The Valanias

Meet Alice and Michael Valania our amazing new Members!

Alice is from Federal Way, Washington and Michael is from Clifton, New Jersey. They met in Los Angeles and moved to Sacramento two years ago for work and the opportunity to be involved in the quickly growing City of Sacramento.

Alice and Michael enjoy Arden Hill’s overall calm and relaxing environment, especially the feeling of health and camaraderie every time they walk through the doors. They are also looking forward to the social events, such as Live with the Chef.

When this couple isn’t at Arden Hills, you can find them with their newest addition, a Beagle puppy! They spend a lot of time walking the neighborhood, exploring dog parks and breweries with outdoor patios. They also love to travel and Michael visited his 50th state last year!

Since Michael and Alice both work from home, when not traveling, they love that there is a wonderful place to go during the day where they can socialize with great people.

Thank you for being such amazing Members!

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