The Waldow Family

Check out this fun family of six; DJ and Kristina, and their four children: Dru, Van, Cal and Eva! Living only half a mile away, they’re a short walk to their favorite workout, event, or activity!

According to DJ and Kristina, living a healthy lifestyle is made up of three pillars: healthy eating, exercise, and sleep. Healthy eating starts with anything DJ can slap on the grill Рsteak, chicken, ribs, veggies, etc. They also love salmon seared in a cast iron pan on the stove with lemon, garlic, and butter. Their exercise regimen is just as up to par as their nutrition. DJ has really gained in agility over the years with the help of two Performance Classes a week and chasing his kids. Kristina considers herself a weekend warrior with strong biceps and quads from constantly picking up her 2-year old twins. Their oldest daughter, Eva, is on the Otters Swim Team and absolutely loving it!

Kristina is a high-risk obstetrician in the Sacramento area and DJ runs his own marketing agency. With two working parents and four children under the age of seven, spare time is hard to come by. When the opportunity does come that all members of the family are together, they love to walk around their neighborhood or go to the park (there are always free range chickens, roosters, and peacocks), have movie night, or host parties! Having moved from Redwood City, they love the family-first community that their neighborhood and Arden Hills brings.

Thanks for being amazing members, Waldow family!

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