Arden Hills Spartan Team

Van Vleck Ranch was the closest thing Spartan Race had on its calendar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The weather remained dry, and the team was confronted with an arduous, rolling landscape that went as far as the eye could see. 

Sacramento is such a special venue for the Spartan Race. Prairies that are normally home to the cattle may have seemed timid at first glance, but this venue lulled you into a false sense of security. The lakes on the venue had a clay that stuck to you and bogged you down if you let it. The hills, while not high, were relentless and rolled on for mile after mile. Add in the wind that rushed over the venue and you had the perfect cocktail of terrain, the elements, and of course, obstacles to test your mettle.

Such is the popularity of this northern California venue, that many southern Californians – and those from further afield – made the annual pilgrimage to one of the most exciting events on the calendar. Everyone knew that should the weather take a turn for the worse, you’re a Spartan, and Spartans never surrender.

The Vlan Vleck Ranch Race was 4.25 miles long and included 24 obstacles.

Congratulations to the Arden Hills Spartan Team! Cory Cooper, Scott Fairley, Tara Cermins, Tanya Maagdenberg, Christina Koch, DJ Waldow, and Deric Cunha.


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