Arden Hills Swimming

For more than 60 years, Arden Hills has remained dedicated and committed to nurturing, training and developing athletic champions. Hundreds of Tennis, Swimming, and athletes of every kind have achieved such an astounding level of success as a result of their dedication (and the innovative training methods and facilities at Arden Hills) that it would seem beyond belief if it were not a documented fact. Today our steadfast focus on athletic innovation continues as we pursue our unique vision that has always yielded such astonishing results.

Over the past year, and continuing into the next, the Arden Hills Swimming program is being retooled and elevated to provide an even more unique and outstanding program designed to give young athletes a chance to achieve their true potential. While the entry level programs, Otters, and Fall swimming, will be relatively unchanged, USA Swimming will remain significantly reduced in size to accommodate a limited number of more dedicated young athletes focusing less on the team and more on individual results. In addition, we are adding an all-new Arden Hills Elite Swim Academy (ESA). This new – and highly selective — elite level of training is focused on personalized, one-on-one training to assist exceptionally talented and dedicated athletes to achieve their maximum potential through a focus on the total athlete. The number of swimmers who may be accepted into this new Elite Swim Academy is limited since the ratio for this heightened level of training is a maximum of four athletes per coach.

US teams across the country have gradually moved to a model that values numbers more than results. In the Arden Hills swimming program, each progressive step will focus on fewer and fewer athletes. Swimmers who enter in at the recreational level can, if they choose, graduate through a series of increasingly rewarding and intensifying programs (Otters → Fall → USA Swimming → Elite Swim Academy) gradually exchanging fun and comradery for dedication and results. Though this is diametrically opposite of what virtually all other teams in the nation are doing, Arden Hills has always been and will continue be the innovators that redefine what it means to BECOME a champion in the world of swimming.

Whether or not you have a past or present swim athlete in your family, we hope all members take great pride in the Club’s incredible ongoing legacy of athletic champions…

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