December Tip from the Golf Pro: Ryan Williams

Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to coach people that are extremely motivated to get better. Like anything in life, improvement and growth can be painful. At some points, I had rapid improvement and at others, I would plateau or even regress. My “whys” during the time leading up to my sophomore season were extremely clear and had strong emotion attached to them: “I am a varsity player.” “I’m better than they perceive me.” “I’m going to show all of you how good I can be.” Those statements ran through my mind regularly and drove every decision I made and sustained me during bad rounds. 

This is one way of thinking that helped me be successful in golf. Are you struggling? Do you see yourself as being a much better player than your current results suggest? If so, then you’re already on the right track. All you need now are some very strong “whys.” That could be winning your club championship, shooting your best score ever, or only beating your golf partner that’s been getting the better of you. As long as that reason, whatever it may be, is driving your decision-making, you are on your path.

The significant advantage is most of you Members of Arden Hills have already done this in other areas of life: your businesses, careers, personal experiences, many of you have done amazing things, and my guess is if you thought about it, you would see that you had very clear, sometimes dire, reasons “why” you were able to do them. Do you have goals? Something you want to accomplish in this crazy game? I’d love to hear your thoughts and set out a roadmap for how you can reach the place you want to go. 


  • Make 10 in a row from 3-6 feet
  • Put five tees around the hole at the desired distance
  • Putt from each tee always rotating to the next tee
  • Go in two perfect circles


  • Place a coin at the landing spot
  • Goal: land 3 in a row within 1 step of the coin and have the total distance of the 3 golf balls be less than 15 feet away from the hole (5-foot average)
  • Vary the style of chip shot

Full Swing: 

  • Hit 10 greens in a row
  • Hit 10 fairways in a row

Playing on the Course:

  • “Fairway Only” game: any shot played from outside the fairway can only advance toward the green 50 yards. See what you can shoot!
  • “Worst-Ball Scramble:” play two balls on every shot, playing the next shot for the worst result of the two. See what you can shoot!

Reserve your Golf at Arden Hills experience today from your home or on the go. Track accomplishments and even invite others to the game, rain or shine in the comfort of the Clubhouse. To sign up or to learn more, contact the Concierge at Arden Hills 916.482.6111 or click here.

Ryan Williams

Ryan has been coaching for Will Robins Golf since September of 2013. He is a native of Central California and loves being a part of the Sacramento Community. An apprentice in the PGA, Ryan actively plays in Section Events as well as other mini-tour events and Pro-Ams throughout the year. Ryan loves sharing his talent for playing tournament golf with his friends and students and is excited to bring success on the golf course to the Members of Arden Hills.

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