Golf Simulator Orientation For The Holidays

Last year, we had an influx of Members around the Holidays wanting to use the golf simulators. To be qualified for that, an orientation with our golf pro is required. Last year, his schedule was filled up fast, and, unfortunately, some Members were not able to complete the orientation before the holidays. To avoid that, this year, we will be hosting a group orientation to show how to play the games or courses desired so that you can have as much fun as possible! There are over 70 of the world’s best courses available on the simulator, as well as other family-friendly games! You can even watch a football game while playing golf!

“Last year there was a significant number of Members wanting to schedule their orientation to be able to play golf indoors with family and friends during the holidays,” remembers Arden Hills golf pro, Ryan Williams. “Requests were coming in up until the last minute. To get in front of that demand this holiday season, I would like to invite Members who have not yet completed their orientation to join me on Friday, November 23rd, at 7 pm.”

Ryan has completed over 300 orientations and loves the moment when it clicks for people and they realize just how enjoyable and beneficial to their game the golf simulators can be! The cost is $40, and it will qualify you to host your family this Holiday season.

Spots are limited, so make your reservation as soon as possible with the Concierge at 916.482.6111!

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