September Tip From the Pro: Ryan Williams

Very recently, I took a tennis lesson with one of our wonderful coaches at Arden Hills. The experience was an absolute blast and it was very interesting to be the novice student trying to piece together the expert advice my instructor was giving me. We worked on my forehand and backhand and made some progress (I think) although the phrase “this isn’t golf” was repeated more times than I care to admit. Being a beginner at something gave me a huge sense of empathy for what I ask my students to do. It also made me realize that tennis has its spectrums. A common lesson is to work forehands and backhands and refine the form of both; a huge part of your success as a player is your ability to go back and forth between both motions.

Golf too is a game of spectrums. Do you hit the ball high or low? Do you play a draw or fade? Is your full swing or short game the strength of your golf game? Just like tennis players, golfers must be able to make adjustments to fit the shot in front of them. Sometimes that means doing that exact opposite of the shot you just played. Like tennis, a huge part of your success depends on being able to adapt. 

Let’s look at one of the spectrums in golf. Making the ball fly low, medium, and high:


  • Ball back in stance
  • Shaft leaned toward the target (less loft)
  • Weight on front foot
  • Finish low: don’t break the glass!


  • Ball in middle of stance
  • Shaft leaned slightly toward target
  • Weight centered
  • Normal finish


  • Ball forward in stance
  • Shaft slightly leaned away from target
  • Spine tilted away from target
  • Finish high with speed! Break the glass!

As Members of Arden Hills, you can even create courses for yourself on the Golf Simulators that would help refine your ability to go high and low! I would be more than happy to show you how to do that! Now, stop by the Clubhouse and give these tips a try and enjoy some added control over your ball!

Ryan Williams

Ryan has been coaching for Will Robins Golf since September of 2013. He is a native of Central California and loves being a part of the Sacramento Community. An apprentice in the PGA, Ryan actively plays in Section Events as well as other mini-tour events and Pro-Ams throughout the year. Ryan loves sharing his talent for playing tournament golf with his friends and students and is excited to bring success on the golf course to the Members of Arden Hills.

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