Tip From The Pro: Ryan Williams

Happy holidays everyone! Now is a time of reflection. How did last year go? How can I improve in the New Year? We do this business; we do this in life; we do this in golf.

There is a strong contingent of members that want to improve their skills using the About Golf Simulators. Often I get asked, “Can I simply hit balls on the driving range?” What’s interesting about that question is that it’s coming from the desire to make the Simulators fit a golfer’s already existing practice habits. I get it, golf is many different things to many different people and we all have our own version of the game that we enjoy most. However, allow me to challenge the way you currently think because thinking that way has gotten you to the point you’re at now. Therefore, I feel it’s safe to assume that continuing with the same habits will only keep giving you the results you’re used to.

Stan Utley, a world-renowned coach and hero of mine, said once that “the best question wins.” With regard to using the About Golf Simulators, the question shouldn’t be, “How can I bend the simulators to my practice habits?” but rather, “How can my practice habits be transformed and improved by using the simulators?

My suggestion is to abandon tinkering with your golf swing on the driving range entirely unless your pro has laid out specific plan for your bucket of balls. Think about it, Derek Cunah (Fitness Coordinator) and Dr. Anders (Sports Medicine Director) don’t arbitrarily walk around the gym and exercise with their clients. In the same vain, Practice in Golf Should be Purposeful.

For example, rather than using the driving range, come in and play the course of the month (TPC Sawgrass) and put the simulator onto “Practice Mode” while actually on the golf course. This feature allows players to continue hitting from the same spot to an actual target rather than mindlessly beating balls. In doing so, you will begin to ask better questions: “What shot should I play with trouble left off the tee?” “What feeling actually allows me to shape a draw around the corner of the dogleg?” “What is my go-to shot with a short iron when I’m under pressure and there is water short?”

Those types of questions lead to much better answers. In other words, being a master of your practice habits is critical in finding that next level in your golf game. Now please, approach me with your new questions. “What can I do to improve ….?” I would welcome a discussion with any of you and happily lay out a plan moving forward.

Till next time, Happy New Year and keep it in the short grass!

Ryan Williams

Ryan has been coaching for Will Robins Golf since September of 2013. He is a native of Central California and loves being a part of the Sacramento Community. An apprentice in the PGA, Ryan actively plays in Section Events as well as other mini-tour events and Pro-Ams throughout the year. Ryan loves sharing his talent for playing tournament golf with his friends and students and is excited to bring success on the golf course to the Members of Arden Hills.

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