New Sprouts Menu

All of this rain means one thing for us in Northern California: Spring is right around the corner.  We are ready for it up at Sprouts!

Two weeks ago we launched a brand new menu…  We wanted to offer the athletic side of our facility choices for food fully inspired by all that our corner of the world has to offer for nourishment and fuel.

Stay tuned as we are listening to all of your feedback and are committed to having options for you and your loved ones that will comfort and sustain you with all that you do.

Speaking of…allow us to introduce you to the Nice Cream Smoothie Bowl.  It’s got the temperature and texture exactly like our favorite dessert, but instead of sugars that exhaust its packed with nutrient rich fruits that will keep you feeling your best.  Pictured with kiwi (in season and SO good!) raspberries, blueberries, our house made granola and almond butter and topped with cacao nibs. 

Come on up to Sprouts and let us make it for you!

Johanna Yungman
Food & Beverage Service Manager

And your friends at Sprouts!

Please note: Smoothie bowl is topped with fruit that is readily available so it varies.  If you want to know what we have to dress up your Nice Cream this week just ask one of the Cafe Counter Attendants!

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